Lawyer in court

The court representation is nothing but a lawyer’s professional help in court, who duly presents the court with the position of his client. As a professional attorney, he will formulate his client’s request as well as submit it to the court. The role of a professional representative is often necessary to obtain a positive solution in the case. Each of you can appoint an attorney if you do not feel strong enough to stand by the court and carry on the case yourself.

It is necessary to conduct the case by granting an appropriate power of attorney based on which the legal advisor will represent his client. Representation of the court also includes defense in criminal cases, where the main goal of a legal adviser is acquittal of his client or obtaining the most moderate punishment. Do not forget about other important cases where the role of a solicitor is necessary. Most often this takes place in administrative, business or mediation cases, in which, as in civil and criminal cases, an in-depth and thorough analysis of the case is recommended.

Before accepting a power of attorney by a legal adviser, it is necessary to hold a joint meeting at which all issues related to the client’s case will be discussed. Sometimes it turns out that it is not necessary to grant a power of attorney, because after receiving legal advice from the solicitor regarding the method of settling the matter, the client is able to cope with the problem by himself.

Before accepting the power of attorney, the fee of the legal advisor for managing the case is set. Each of you receives information about the amount of the fee, expenses that may arise in connection with the case before the court or other body before which the case is pending or will take place. In particularly justified cases, and especially when it is supported by the material or family situation of the client or the type of the case, the legal counsel may set a lower than the minimum rate.