Professional legal advice for entrepreneurs

A legal adviser often takes part in business and industry meetings. His role is to provide advice and legal support to his client. Quick case analysis, ongoing consultancy in many cases turns out to be invaluable before making the right decision. It also allows you to avoid unnecessary risks associated with the planned business venture.

Negotiations in business are a common practice. Each of the contractors has its own assumptions, wanting to finish negotiations as best as possible. However, not always negotiated conditions will be possible to meet. Contrary to the parties’ decisions, the law may thwart the plans of several or even all contractors.

Legal advisers in our Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Firm have extensive experience in the creation and liquidation of commercial law companies. Similarly, in the case of participation in shareholders’ meetings and meetings of bodies such as supervisory boards and management boards. It often happens that you replace a client at meetings with a notary, where some contracts are dealt with, such as the sale of shares in a limited liability company. The same applies to representation before the National Court Register, where it is mandatory to register the sale of the said shares in the limited liability company.

A legal advisor participating in these meetings can advise his client or even participate in a given meeting in his absence.