The EU General Data Protection Regulation Legal Help

In connection with the dynamically developing issues of personal data protection, each entrepreneur should ensure that in his company they are processed in accordance with the applicable regulations. Our Law Office offers full support for the implementation of procedures related to the protection of personal data as well as the development of privacy policy and any other requirements related to the administration of personal data. We offer training for employees and employers related to the issues of personal data protection in the company.

The offer includes comprehensive adjustment of documentation and procedures to the GDPR:

  •  Audience at the Principal in the area necessary to implement procedures regarding the protection and processing of personal data.
  • Risk analysis in data processing.
  • Preparation of personal data processing documentation in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Development of model contracts for entrusting data processing.
  • Development of a data processing register and activity category register.
  • Development of violation reporting records along with a methodology for assessing the risk of breach.

From May 2018, entrepreneurs must adapt the procedures to the new law. Our Law Firm offers professional legal services in the scope of developing all procedures in this area. Professional legal advice and cooperation with the client at every stage is the basis for success. Entrepreneurs who process personal data should not hesitate to adapt their procedures to new legal requirements. Financial penalties which threaten non-compliance with obligations resulting from the GDPR may reach up to 20 million euros.

The Law Office additionally provides training services in the field of personal data protection. This is an alternative to the full implementation process. At the training the client receives the necessary knowledge for independent implementation of procedures in his company. Training is support for the implementation of the personal data protection process.

Specially for entrepreneurs our Law Firm provides a specialized training service in the field of personal data protection. The training covers the full range of topics related to personal data protection GDPR 2018. During the training, the client acquires the necessary practical knowledge and basic tools to implement the procedures in the company. Training is a cheaper alternative to the Law Office’s services in the scope of GDPR. During the training, we provide knowledge and basic documents related to the processing of personal data.

The knowledge acquired during the training allows for the implementation of personal data procedures in each company. The subject scope of the training includes topics in the field of:

  • Necessary documentation that should apply in the company in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Information requirements in relation to entities and third parties regarding the processing of personal data.
  • Obligations to enter into contracts for processed personal data.
  • The nature of the data processing activities and the category of activity register.
  • Report violations together with the risk assessment methodology.

Thanks to the training, the client receives:

  • Knowledge of the protection of personal data in his company.
  • Tools for self-implementation of procedures.
  • Basic documents and clauses required in the daily work of the company.

Support for the implementation of personal data procedures.

The trainings are dedicated to companies that implement personal data protection procedures themselves. The knowledge conveyed during the training forms the foundation and base for building the right procedures within the company as well as in relations with trade partners. Thanks to this, the client is able to better understand the issues related to the GDPR and to properly fulfill the obligations imposed by law.

Training is organized in Krakow in comfortable conditions in a suitably prepared conference room. At the customer’s request, it is possible to conduct training at the company’s headquarters.