How to take care of a good contract and sleep well?

It has long been known that a well-prepared agreement prevents future problems. It is not always possible to eliminate them one hundred percent, however, the lawyer’s role is to marginalize them. Correctly defined obligations of the parties, deadlines, delivery conditions, the right of withdrawal or liability for damages or contractual penalties are of key importance for the assessment made by the court in the case of a legal process being brought by either party.

As part of legal practice, we offer a comprehensive analysis of documentation in the company. This applies to both commercial contracts and applicable procedures. The ability to thoroughly analyze contractual records for risk assessment is key in the legal profession. Capturing the contradictions, ambiguities and other irregularities or threats in the document submitted for analysis allows for conscious decision-making and risk minimization.

The scope of legal assistance for business also includes the preparation of all kinds of applications and letters, and, above all, contracts and draft legal acts. The most often executed projects are commercial contracts and in-company regulations. The offer includes the preparation of:

  • founding acts of commercial law companies,
  • protocols of shareholders’ meetings and general meetings,
  • draft resolutions of shareholders and members of the board,
  • work regulations, etc.

At the customer’s request we analyze the draft letter or legal act or prepare it from scratch. The client receives a ready draft letter that he can use in his own case. This form of cooperation is aimed at companies that do not require full representation in the case and expect a single service tailored to individual needs.
As part of these activities, we offer:

  • letters to courts and offices, such as lawsuits, appeals, applications for security,
  • enforcement applications,
  • letters to offices,
  • letters to private individuals.