A law firm with experience

Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Office offers professional legal assistance in private life and in business.

The Firm’s offer is addressed to individual clients and consumers. Legal services in this area include ongoing legal advice and assistance. Assistance is provided in both ad hoc and permanent cooperation. We offer customer representation before courts, public administration bodies, court enforcement officers and participation in settlement and mediation proceedings.

Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Firm provides permanent legal services to sole proprietorships and companies, including capital companies. Legal services cover all aspects of running a business from the process of their creation, through ongoing legal advice to liquidation and termination of operations, with particular emphasis on the issues of final property settlements.

Our Law Firm also provides specialist legal assistance to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as foundations and associations, including public benefit organizations (OPP). Help includes, among others the process of their creation, running and liquidation of organizational structures. The Office’s extensive experience in this area provides solid support and gives a sense of comfort and security while conducting public benefit activities.

The founders of the Law Firm are legal advisor Robert Kucharski and legal advisor Tomasz Ruman.

The team is also created by legal professionals. The Law Firm also permanently cooperates with many notaries, advocates, tax advisors and property appraisers.

Robert Kucharski Lawyer, Partner

Legal advisor, partner and co-founder of Kucharski &  Ruman Legal Advisors Office in Krakow.

He has many years of experience in conducting court cases and providing legal advice. Years of practice and education in business management allow him to effectively combine the role of a lawyer for your family and company.

Private practice as a part of the Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Firm has been running since 2012. At the Law Firm, he deals with the affairs of individual clients as well as entrepreneurs. He started his business activity in the form of a law office in the second year of legal adviser training, which he held at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Krakow. Previously, as a trainee legal adviser, he cooperated with experienced legal adviser Paweł Rataj. During his studies he completed internships at the Kardas & Kardas Law Office of Professor Piotr Kardas and Dr Małgorzata Dąbrowska – Kardas. As part of self-improvement, he undertook volunteering and legal advice for the poorest and most needy people.

As a probation officer, he has extensive experience in appointing bodies of commercial law companies, preparing legal acts and carrying out liquidation processes. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree which allows him to advise business clients in all non-legal aspects of running a business. As part of the service of individual clients, he specializes mainly in family law, inheritance law, damages and debt collection.

Since 2012 he has been cooperating with the COGNOSCO Foundation in which he was the President of the Management Board. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Foundation’s Council. As part of this cooperation, he organizes free legal support for the most deprived persons who can not afford to pay for a lawyer. Together with the Foundation, he helped thousands of Krakow residents. As part of charitable activities, he actively participates in contributing to counteracting social exclusion, social integration of groups at risk of exclusion and support for civil society. Knowledge and practical experience gained during cooperation with the COGNOSCO Foundation allows you to effectively help other people running NGOs.

From 2015 he is the President of Pragmatica L.L.C. which deals with the organization of training in legal and business education. As part of this activity, he lectures addressed to law students who want to deepen their knowledge and experience in the field of legal work. He also lectures and trains for companies in the field of basic legal knowledge addressed to the management and employees.

He shares his knowledge and experience on the Internet in the form of publications on legal blogs. In his professional work he provides discretion and an individual approach to every problem. The priority is full involvement in clients’ matters and projects. He always analyzes the problem from several points of view. This approach is the main advantage for clients for whom it oversees and coordinates all aspects of the problem.

Tomasz Ruman Lawyer, Partner

Legal advisor, partner and co-founder of Kucharski &  Ruman Legal Advisors Office in Krakow.

Since 2012, he has been conducting private legal practice along with legal advisor Robert Kucharski. He started to acquire his first legal experience in 2008, having completed an internship at one of the leading Law Firm and Tax Advisors in Krakow, where he practiced in connection with the legal advisor training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Krakow. During four years of practice, under the guidance of an experienced patron, he acquired the necessary experience from his clients’ point of view, which allowed him to start an independent legal activity.

Since 2012 he has been associated with the COGNOSCO Foundation, a Krakow non-governmental organization with the status of a public benefit organization (OPP). In 2013 he was the vice-president of the board, then, up to now, a member of the Foundation’s Council. Also since 2012, he has been entered on the list of candidates for probation officers, that is appointed by the registry court for capital companies, which due to shortages in the board are unable to run their business. The purpose of a probation officer in such cases is to convene a general meeting of shareholders, and then lead to the appointment of the new company’s authorities, so that it may resume its activity, possibly adopt a resolution on liquidation.

The area of ​​his interests is focused on procedural law, i.e. conducting court cases. In order to deepen his knowledge in 2014, he completed a post-graduate course in procedural law and contracts. The acquired knowledge has already often paid off with non-standard solutions that allowed for solving legal issues in a satisfactory way for his clients.

In the Law Office he deala with court cases of private persons and entrepreneurs.

Gabriela Mikuła Lawyer, Partner