Family property and its division

Inheritance law is one of the areas of law that everyone has or will have direct contact with. The Law Office offers legal assistance in conducting proceedings for the acquisition of a declaration of inheritance and its department.

The main difference between the aforementioned proceedings is that after the proceedings for declaring the acquisition of inheritance have been carried out, the court issues a decision in which it indicates the persons who inherit from the deceased and become heirs. Such inheritance may be issued on the basis of a prepared will or a statute which is mandatory in the absence of a will. Even if the testament exists, it may turn out that it will be invalid, which may affect the circle of people entitled to inheritance.

In the proceedings for the inheritance department, however, the court makes a specific distribution of property and each of the heirs assigns a specific subject of the estate. Such proceedings for the estate may be combined with the abolition of co-ownership, and this is the case when the property belongs to the estate, for example, only one of the heirs is interested in acquiring the property for sole ownership. The task of a legal advisor, like a representative in inheritance matters, is to conduct proceedings for the acquisition of inheritance, or, more precisely, to check whether the court conducting the proceedings did not make a mistake and then obtain the best solution in the case of the inheritance department.

Also, do not forget about the payment of a reserved amount. If the person who should be the heir and the person is not, he is entitled to the payment of a certain amount as just a reserved item. Proceedings for payment of a reserved item may be complicated, as it is necessary to pay attention to the manner and order of the relevant calculations, so that the amount required is determined in accordance with the law, and above all in an appropriate amount.

As you can see above, the role of a solicitor can be crucial to obtain the desired resolution in a succession case. Proper preparation and analysis of documents can increase the chances of not only inheriting property from the deceased but also on the value of the property itself.