How to win with the boss?

The Law Firm also conducts court cases in the field of labor law and social insurance. The Labor Code, as the basic act defining the scope of rights and obligations of the employer and employee, is often not observed. Common issues that are largely dealt with in court are matters relating to termination of employment, commonly known as dismissals. Labor law provides for a number of ways to terminate the employment relationship.

Regardless of the mode of termination of the employment contract, the employee has specific rights that he or she can use, disagreeing with the basis for his release. It may happen that the employer’s declaration of termination of the employee’s employment contract is flawed, and then such employee may demand payment of compensation under the rules provided for in the Labor Code. Determining the amount of an employee’s compensation depends on several factors that should be analyzed before bringing an action in the labor court. It is relatively advisable to quickly take action because in many cases the time limit for appeal to the labor court is several days, counted from the date of release of the employee from work. The day of dismissal is the day on which the employee becomes aware of the employer’s termination of the employment contract.

Each employee should pay attention to whether the basis for his release is real because it is very important in terms of his future claims.

The Law Firm’s team also offers legal assistance not only to employees but also to employers, so that they can minimize the risks resulting from the violation of labor law. Preparing the relevant documentation may significantly increase the chances of a favorable decision in the labor court, if the dissatisfied employee decides to apply for an appropriate lawsuit to the labor court.