Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Firm in Krakow

Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Legal Advisors Law Office offers professional legal assistance in private life, business and charity work. Each of you can ask for help, regardless of the type and complexity of the legal problem. In relations with the client, we focus on mutual trust and common strategy of action. In our opinion, the ability to conduct a dialogue and understanding the problem of our client is the best way to succeed.

Extensive professional experience allows us to combine the qualities of lawyers effective in action, thinking outside the box, o often using unconventional and modern solutions. We know that the solution to the problem starts with finding people who know how to solve it. By entrusting us with your legal problems, you can be sure that you have found the right lawyers for yourself and your affairs.

The founders of the Law Firm are legal advisor Robert Kucharski and legal advisor Tomasz Ruman

Court Cases and Representation

As legal advisors, we have all the rights to represent clients before courts and state institutions. Our Law Firm deals with court cases both criminal and civil. The full range of representation services is available below. The court representation consists in participating in the hearings and properly presenting the position of our client. The procedural attorney will formulate a request and then submit it in a proper way.

The role of a professional representative is often invaluable for obtaining a positive decision in a case. He knows how to use the court procedure, he knows when and how to react to the matter in the right direction.

Legal Advice

Legal advice is directed to all persons who need information on legal issues. Legal advice is nothing more than legal information on the basis of which the client can get an idea of his situation. Legal advice takes place in a completely discreet atmosphere in a cozy office. At the meeting with the legal advisor, all issues that have meaning and influence on the client’s position are addressed. The fundamental principle followed by a solicitor is professional secret, which every legal advice is absolutely covered.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in providing legal advice on individual clients and on ongoing service to companies and corporations. We also specialize in advising for foundations and associations.


The offer of our Law Firm addressed to entrepreneurs includes a full range of legal services accompanying business operations. Legal assistance for business covers all its forms, ranging from a sole proprietorship to commercial law companies. As part of our current professional practice, we advise companies on how to run a business safely and legally.

The Law Firm’s services also include tax optimization and the development of a comprehensive legal analysis in terms of obtaining permits or meeting other requirements. Our experience and knowledge allow us to take a broad look at the affairs of our clients.


The third sector, otherwise known as the NGO sector, just like any company, requires proper care and proper preparation for operation. Security when running a foundation or association is a value that should be guided by the founders and people running this type of organization.

The help of our Law Firm consists in ongoing advising on establishing, running and liquidating foundations and associations. The offer includes a full range of legal services both in the form of oral, ad hoc legal advice, through the analysis of statutes and their correction and creation from scratch, ending with liquidation of organizational units and representation before the National Court Register and other bodies. Legal assistance also includes advice within the framework of obtaining public funds, including grants and other sources of financing.

Pro Bono

Since 2012, Kucharski Ruman Mikuła Law Office has been active in helping the poorest people by providing free legal advice. Thanks to the cooperation with the Krakow Cognosco Foundation, the lawyers of the Law Firm have helped hundreds of needy completely free of charge.

The pro bono activity is dictated by the social aspect and the willingness to help people in a particularly difficult life situation. Thanks to this, the Law Firm implements the fundamental principle that should be followed by a lawyer that is to help everyone, regardless of their financial status or social status.