Permanent legal assistance for small and large business

Legal service for business consists in establishing permanent cooperation with our Law Office in the field of ongoing legal assistance. As part of permanent cooperation, the Client is provided with assistance and constant availability of a lawyer. The advantage of this solution is above all the convenience and time saving. Entrusting your problems to a professional lawyer, the client buys reliability and full availability. In emergency situations, the lawyer is available at any time of the day or night.

If the client needs to consult his case at a meeting in a discreet atmosphere, he can count on a convenient time and availability. If the client requires appearance at his office, he is also provided with this. Cooperation is based on mutual trust and understanding, as well as on the common striving to solve the problem. Legal service also has an additional advantage. In the case of this choice, the offer is more advantageous in terms of price compared to a one-off service.