Tax – is it always due?

The lawyers of our Law Firm, while managing the affairs of their clients, also pay attention to the tax aspect of a given case. In many cases, the court’s judgment does not end the case 100%. It should be remembered that in some situations formalities connected with the necessity of settling with the tax authorities should be fulfilled. The law provides for a lot of deadlines to be met in order to avoid the obligation to pay tax. In others, the tax may not even be a figure if we decide on a different legal structure than we initially assumed.

In situations where the tax authority imposes an obligation on us to pay the tax, and in our opinion incorrectly accepted the basis on which the tax calculated, we are entitled to appeal. Most often tax authorities until the end of proceedings in the second instance do not change their opinion, however, each party to the proceedings may decide to enter the court and administrative proceedings.

The Law Firm offers legal assistance in the field of tax and administrative law, which includes not only ongoing advisory but also representation before public administration authorities and before voivodship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.