Legal aid for suspects, accused and victims

In criminal cases, a legal adviser as a professional adviser can accompany his client during:

  –  interviews at the Police,
   – interviews at the Prosecutor’s Office,
   – at the hearing in the Court,

Each criminal case is preceded by preparatory proceedings. The aftermath, the law enforcement body directs the indictment to the court. After conducting the evidentiary proceedings, the court issues a verdict, deciding on the guilt or innocence of the accused. It is important to choose the right defense line at the very beginning, i.e. at the stage of preparatory proceedings.

A solicitor can take an active part in a criminal trial not only as a defender as an auxiliary prosecutor. He then acts on behalf of the victim and sits next to the prosecutor in the courtroom. The main role of the auxiliary prosecutor’s representative is to support the prosecution. At the same time, the counselor’s skills allow you to achieve relative compensation for the harm suffered as a result of the offense.

Other matters that can be included in criminal cases are misdemeanor cases. The explanation requires that these matters are regulated by other laws and that a different judicial procedure applies here than in criminal cases.

Mention should also be made of the provisions of the Executive Penal Code, which contain provisions relating to events that take place after the criminal judgment has become final. In the aforementioned provisions, we find the answer as to postponement and interruption in serving a sentence, conditional early release or serving a sentence in the electronic supervision system. The latter institution allows to obtain an absolute penalty of deprivation of liberty at home, with the use of technical means that secure the enforcement of the court’s decision, which gives consent to take a penalty in this mode.

The Law Office offers representation in the above-mentioned matters and not only. As in civil and family matters, it is necessary to give the legal adviser an appropriate authorization to conduct a given case.